Preventing unsafe situations

Event Security

Creating a safe environment for your organisation with a unique visiting experience for your guest, that is what International Security Agency stands for with its event security.

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Tailor-made security concept

In our view, a safe environment is the correct use of technical and physical security measures in combination with Crowd Management & Crowd Control. The emphasis here is on preventing unsafe situations from arising. Promoting the so-called "welcome feeling" creates a pleasant visitor climate, in which both your guests and your employees feel safe and are also safe. Before, during and after the event.

Based on your event & visitor profile, ISA develops your customised security concept. In this way, we guarantee distinctive event security that fits in with what you, as organiser of a sports event, festival, concert, television programme or conference, wish to convey.

Crowd Management

As an event organiser, the safety of the public must be a central concern for you. Crowd safety at events depends to a large extent on crowd management. Crowd management is about the safe and orderly collection and relocation of crowd flows. In doing so, we prevent excessive crowd density (concentration of visitors) and promote the flow. The crowd density and flow are influenced by various factors. For example, the layout of the event location, the visitor capacity, the facilities present, the communication, the visitor profile and psychological factors.

At the International Security Agency (ISA), we have years of experience in drawing up a Crowd Management plan for your event. In doing so, we focus particularly on preventing overcrowding and crossflow. Overcrowding and crossflow are a common cause of fatal accidents at gatherings of people, think of the tragic images from the Love Parade in Duisberg.

We know how crowds move and where any risks lie. That is why we make sure that we actively guide your guests. Upon arrival, during and after your event. Thanks to careful planning and the deployment of expert event security staff and project managers, the crowd flows remain optimally manageable. The result? Your guests can always gather and move about safely at your event.

Event Services

As an event organiser or location, you want to give your visitors an unforgettable day, in which they feel at home, welcome and safe. With the Event Services service of the International Security Agency (ISA), you ensure that your visitors are received professionally and with a warm smile.

Whether it is a trade fair, congress or a more informal event, for every situation we have representative and hospitable hostesses, certified firemen, specialised first aiders, service staff and drivers for the transportation of visitors. They represent your organisation the way you want them to.

With our Event Services we are able to provide the following services for you:
  • Traffic, parking and public escorts
  • Ticket control
  • Fire watch
  • Service staff for cloakroom or bar
  • Hostess services
  • VIP escort
  • Personal security
  • Chauffeur services

Traffic guidance

A successful event begins and ends with smooth traffic flow for your visitors. The key to a smooth traffic flow lies in preventing excessive traffic demand and/or streamlining the incoming and outgoing routes. And especially those in the immediate vicinity of your event. The International Security Agency (ISA) achieves this by preventing traffic flow in crossing directions, separating traffic flows and improving the flow of event traffic with the help of certified traffic controllers.

ISA traffic controllers are well-trained and certified professionals. They understand how traffic participants and visitors to events move and behave. Based on their expertise, they are able to act decisively, hospitably and adequately to ensure the safety and flow of traffic for you. Whether it is a large or small-scale project, ISA offers you a customised solution for the safe flow of traffic. If you wish, we can develop a traffic and transport plan for you and coordinate it with all the necessary parties. In that plan, we discuss the measures in the field of traffic control, parking, signposting and safety.

Parking guidance

Are you organising an event that attracts many visitors by car? Then it is advisable to call in a parking attendant. This will prevent chaos, long queues, inefficient use of your car park and a bad first impression of your event.

The parking attendants of the International Security Agency (ISA) take care of the hospitable reception of your visitor. By allowing visitors to park at different points at the same time, they ensure smooth access routes and efficient parking guidance. This way, your visitors can park their cars quickly and safely, making maximum use of the available parking space.

Prior to the event, we clearly map out the parking area. We provide clear signage, a comprehensive parking plan and the right number of parking supervisors, both during the inflow and outflow. During the event, our parking attendants supervise the parking areas. This reduces the chance of visitors' cars being broken into.

Consultancy & Advice

Do you ever wonder about the safety of your event? As an event organiser, it is your duty to do everything possible to provide a safe and healthy event situation for employees and visitors. In order to work towards a safe and healthy situation, knowledge of the risks you face and a well-founded understanding of their consequences for your event is essential.

International Security Agency (ISA) specialises in analysing and advising on risks in the areas of safety, security, traffic and crowd management. Our specialists start with a comprehensive analysis of your situation. They will fully map out all risks and incident scenarios for your event in advance. Based on their experience, knowledge and skills, they draw up plans tailored to your event. In these plans, we describe every risk, work out every scenario and lay down all the necessary management measures.

ISA's specialists will be happy to advise you in the field of:

  • Security & Crowd Management Plans
  • Safety plans
  • Incident response plans
  • Evacuation & emergency plans
  • Assistance with licensing
  • Risk analysis for public safety
  • Event capacity analysis
  • Furnishings and public flows
  • Evacuation and accessibility
  • Implementation Crowd Management