Creating a unique and personalised visiting experience

Hospitality Services

A good image reinforces the image that your target group has of your products and services. This results in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty and ultimately contributes to the success of your organisation.

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Service from the customer's perspective

With its Hospitality Services, International Security Agency (ISA) focuses on providing services from the customer's perspective. We want to give your guests, employees and other relations the feeling that they are welcome and respected. In our vision, every visitor is entitled to personal attention. A unique and personal visiting experience that seamlessly connects with your identity is crucial in this: this way, you can positively influence the image of your organisation. A good image reinforces the image that your target group has of your products and services. This results in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty and ultimately contributes to the success of your organisation.

Based on your identity, company culture and objectives, we develop a customised hospitality concept in co-creation with you. We will create a unique visiting experience with various contact moments, attuned to your personal needs and those of your guests, staff and other contacts. Our all-round hospitality professionals provide demonstrable added value. They provide a warm welcome, the right guidance and they speak to every guest correctly and personally.

Reception services

Reception services play a crucial role in ensuring a great reception, a pleasant stay and a warm farewell. The receptionist is an important image maker. She has a great influence on the first and last impression that both internal and external guests have of your organisation.

A hospitable and friendly reception at your reception determines to a large extent the personal atmosphere and quality of your organisation.
With its reception services, International Security Agency (ISA) focuses on the core of Customer Intimacy, in which customer attention and customer service are central. We train all our reception staff to create a welcome as if your visitor were stepping into a five-star hotel. They are specialised in exceeding expectations, yours and those of your guests. Both face-to-face and by telephone.


The working environment in offices has been changing rapidly in recent years under the influence of new technologies and generations. From static workplaces to an environment where people meet and work (together) in various ways. In our view, reception services as they used to be no longer fit in with this. What does work? An active reception by a hostess or host. This creates a great first impression and ensures a carefree and dynamic reception of your guest and employee in your office environment.

The hosts and hostesses of the International Security Agency (ISA) take care of your guest's reception, accompaniment and farewell in a personal and involved manner. For example, guiding the guest to the waiting room, where the guest is offered a drink and a WIFI code. In this way, we create an environment for your guests in which they feel at home.

Security Host

Would you like to create a safe and hospitable (work) environment and meeting place for your employees and guests, but do you consider hospitality more important than security? Then choose for the deployment of a Security Host. As a host, the Security Host is the first point of contact and business card of your organisation. The Security Host not only takes care of the reception, but is also an excellent and fully trained security officer. In this way, several functions melt together in one person. It is also a cost-efficient solution for the fulfilment of your security and hospitality needs.

The Security Hosts of the International Security Agency (ISA) have the right personal competences to unite the three different worlds of security, reception and hospitality. They are capable of signalling deviant behaviour in an early stage, responding proactively and acting preventively. By making contact with people with deviant behaviour, precisely from a hospitable attitude, the intention of the person can be ascertained. This is done by asking unpredictable open questions (Security Questioning). By doing so, the person has to explain his/her intention and presence. With this proactive and customer-oriented approach, the Security Host can immediately determine his role and act. Am I a security guard or a host? The latter is the basic attitude of our Security Hosts.

Consultancy & Advice

International Security Agency (ISA) is specialised in analysis and advice in the field of Hospitality Services. Our specialists start with a comprehensive analysis of your situation. What developments are taking place within your organisation? What are your ambitions and objectives and where do the risks and opportunities lie? We do this by, among other things, carrying out a hospitality scan.

With this scan, we provide you with insight into your strengths and weaknesses, conflicts and opportunities via a 'Guest Journey Film', and we advise you on the hospitality measures you can take. We guarantee that we will provide you with a number of new insights. Of course, we will also guide you in the realisation of your new hospitality concept.