Tailor-made education and training

Education & Training

The ISA Academy provides customised education and training for clients and external parties. Our goal? To share the knowledge, expertise and skills that have made our organisation successful for decades.

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Tailor-made education & training

The ISA_Academy distinguishes itself in the market by:

  • The personal and intensive guidance of the course participants;
  • Offering ISO-certified training;
  • Offering customised education/training;
  • The continuous updating and expansion of our courses. Thus, valuable new experiences are directly incorporated into current education and training courses;
  • Own training rooms, but also offering in-company training;
  • Partnerships with various education and training institutes, such as NIKTA and NIBHV, for the qualitative development of education and training;
  • Efficiency and effectiveness.

BHV basic course

An in-house emergency response worker is the first person to take action until professional emergency services have arrived. They are also responsible for fighting an incipient fire, providing first aid and supervising an evacuation. Since 1994, the Working Conditions Act has required every employer to guarantee the safety of customers and employees by appointing a company emergency response team. Do you employ staff? Then you are legally obliged to appoint at least one person as in-house emergency response officer and at least one in-house emergency response officer must always be present in your organisation.

The ISA_Academy provides various OH&S training and refresher courses. The programme of the two-day basic in-house emergency response course consists of various components: life-saving action, fire fighting, raising the alarm, evacuation and communication. In addition, the emergency response worker learns during this course how to resuscitate and how to correctly use an automatic external defibrillator (AED). If desired, the ISA_Academy can provide the in-house emergency response course at your location. In our in-company training courses we train in the same way as the courses at our own locations.

Participants of this course are NIBHV certified by the ISA_Academy with a validity period of maximum 1 year. The diploma that participants receive from us is therefore a nationally recognised diploma. In order to keep the knowledge and skills of your emergency response team up-to-date and to extend the validity of the emergency response certificate, an annual refresher course is mandatory. We are happy to take over the entire administration for you by coordinating and planning the refresher course with you well in advance.

BHV refresher course

As an organisation, you are responsible for the safety of your staff and customers. It is important that you have one or more certified in-house emergency response workers who can intervene quickly, competently and adequately to prevent (serious) injury. The Working Conditions Act advises in-house emergency response workers to refresh their knowledge and skills annually, which extends their certification.

With the practical oriented emergency refresher course from the ISA_Academy your emergency response team will be up to date again in one day, and the knowledge and skills of your emergency response team will be kept up to date to act effectively in case of a calamity. You will also extend the validity of the NIBHV diploma by one year. In our BHV refresher course we pay extra attention to intervening in emergencies. Knowledge of first aid, reanimation and evacuation that has fallen by the wayside is refreshed through practical situations.

If desired, the ISA_Academy can provide the BHV refresher course at your location. In our in-company training courses we train in the same way as the courses at our own locations.

FAFS for Events

Increased leisure time, economic prosperity and a high degree of mobility are the ingredients for the current popularity of (mass) events. In a relatively short time, a large market for events has developed. Events bring with them certain risks for the safety of the public. It is therefore not surprising that there is a growing need for a specialised company emergency response service aimed at events. And that is essentially different from first aid in an office building or in a petrochemical company, for example.

The main characteristic of an event is the large gathering of people and the (often) short time of preparation. The organisation of the in-house emergency response team must be geared to this in both a quantitative and qualitative sense. Think about this:

  • Crowd Management: The orderly conduct of events (such as a partial or total evacuation) involving large numbers of people;
  • The close cooperation with medical aid workers at the event and with professional aid workers;
  • Acute care in the case of alcohol and drug abuse, but also in the case of overheating or hypothermia;
  • Cooperation with special activities during the event, such as pyrotechnics.

The certification scheme 'FAFS for Events' meets this growing need for specialised FAFS training for events. Together with NIKTA (Dutch Institute for Quality Assurance, Training and Advice), the ISA_Academy has developed the certification scheme 'FAFS for Events'. During the training the specific FAFS tasks at an event are dealt with extensively. As a result, security staff and other staff who have a FAFS duty during an event are trained in a specific way. This is an enormous benefit for safety at events. The successful participant will receive the internationally accepted NIKTA ISO 17024 personal certificate 'Emergency Response Officer for Events'.

FAFS course coordinator

The course Co-ordinator FAFS is meant for those who have the responsibility to execute the FAFS policy within their organisation. The ISA_Academy focuses on developing the skills of the student, so that after completing the training he or she will know how to set up and maintain a FAFS organization. During the training a certified teacher of the ISA_Academy will shape the concept with the necessary theory, practical examples and discussing and evaluating examples from own experience. No specific prior training is required, although it is helpful if a participant has didactic and communication skills.


The following subjects are dealt with during the training of BHV coordinator:

  • Laws and regulations
  • Tasks and requirements in-house emergency response service
  • Health and safety policy
  • From RI&E to organisational emergency response
  • Setting up and skillfully managing the in-house emergency response organisation
  • Checking and adjusting

Team leader FAFS course

In emergency response it is crucial to have a FAFS team leader who manages the FAFS officers present in the organisation effectively and, above all, efficiently. A FSFA team leader must, among other things, set up exercise scenarios, properly manage and control the resources and ensure the reception and debriefing of the group after a disaster.

Participation and contents Team leader FAFS course

Anyone who is responsible for the implementation of the FSFA policy within their own organisation or who is involved in this and has a valid Basic Diploma FSFA is eligible for the course for FSFA Team Leader.

The following subjects are dealt with during the FSFA course:

  • Legislation and regulations for in-house emergency response services and the Team Leader
  • Working with real-life scenarios
  • Managing the in-house emergency response group
  • Alarm and communication devices

Aggression Reduction Training

Due to the ongoing hardening of society, aggression in society is becoming more frequent. With increasing regularity, security officers are confronted with aggressive scenarios. That is why the ISA_Academy offers the Aggression Reduction Training. During this training, students learn to recognise the different forms of aggression at the earliest possible stage through observation and listening. Trainees then learn through a combination of customer focus and boundary setting behaviour (verbal) action in the event of these forms of aggression. This enables them to act in an aggressive manner as quickly as possible and gain control of the situation..

Using the aggression pyramid, course participants learn to map out the non-verbal communication of the aggressive person and of themselves. Afterwards, they realise self-control when reacting to aggression with various exercises. In this way, they can step out of the tension of the reaction and make a correct assessment and choice.

The professional competence of the trainer and the course has been independently and objectively assessed and found to be in accordance with the final attainment levels 'Professional competence Aggression Trainer'. This has been determined by the Board of Experts Aggression Trainer of NIKTA Certification according to NEN-EN-ISO-IEC 17024. This guarantees the quality of the trainer and the training course and participants receive a certificate after the ART. ISO-17024 certificate'.

First aid course

Anyone who has contact with users of alcohol and drugs may encounter people who become unwell or unmanageable. Sometimes such a disturbance of health or behaviour is (partly) caused by alcohol and/or drugs. It is important that those present can react adequately. The two-day First Aid for Alcohol and Drug Incidents (EHBD) course from the ISA_Academy offers tools for this.

EHBD course content:

  • Effects of alcohol and drugs
  • Risks of alcohol and drugs
  • First aid for health disruptions due to alcohol and drug use
  • How to deal with someone under the influence

The course promotes competence in alcohol- and drug-related incidents. The EHBD course is designed to recognise health disruptions, inform about the possible role of alcohol and drugs and teach which actions and relief measures can be taken. In addition, various scenarios and situations are practised, in which the knowledge of the material, the recognition of the effects and the assistance are tested. For this, we use a Lotus victim. The two-day EHBD course ends with a theoretical knowledge test.

After the training, students can adequately deal with health disruptions: they can recognise them, help people and know how to correctly call for help. They are aware of life-saving knowledge in order to properly respond to the emergency room, but also to provide the victim with the correct assistance.

First aid course

An accident can happen at any time. Every year, about 550 thousand people are taken to hospital because of an accident. Too few people know how to act in an emergency and too many do not have the necessary first aid knowledge. A first aid course from the ISA_Academy offers a solution.

Participants in this course obtain the Oranje Kruis First Aid diploma in 3 days. In this course, the course participants go deeper into life-saving operations and learn to distinguish and combat medical phenomena. From applying a plaster to recognising strokes and fainting spells.

Participants in this course receive the First Aid diploma after passing a practical exam conducted by an independent examiner from Het Oranje Kruis. The diploma is valid for 2 years. During this 2-year period, students must complete a set refresher course to keep their knowledge and skills up to date and to extend the validity of their diploma.

Hospitality & Hospitality Training

Do you want to take your organisation or team to a higher level and teach employees to offer visitors and/or guests distinctive hospitality? Do you want the various disciplines in your organisation to function as a single hospitable team with one mission? If so, the Hospitality & hospitality training courses of the ISA_Academy are the way to go.

Every Hospitality & Hospitality training course of the ISA_Academy starts with determining the goal you want to achieve. Our trainers design the training so that you and your organisation can realise that goal. The way of training and the active working methods make the training very practical and tangible for the participants. The duration of the training depends on the objective(s) you wish to achieve. It is already possible to organise a training from 2 dayparts. In the training our trainers will, for example, go deeper into:

  • What is Hospitality and why is it so important for us?
  • Get to know the 6 basic principles of hospitality.
  • Feeling responsible for people and situations, even when it is not your job.
  • Realising an optimal experience with the help of the Hospitality Game.
  • Learning to really connect with customers and colleagues.
  • Working together on distinctive Hospitality: one team, one mission!

Predictive Profiling Training

Security is about preventing unwanted actions, carried out deliberately by people. In traditional security, the security officer only takes action when a criminal act occurs. This method is reactive and often too late. Predictive profiling is a way to prevent this. This is the performance of a threat assessment on a person, object or situation. You make that assessment based on suspicious indicators, in relation to a Modus Operandi (MO) or the Assault Method of Operation (AMO). Working from the methodology of Predictive Profiling makes it possible to recognise preparatory criminal or terrorist acts and, with the right follow-up steps, to prevent the imminent incident.

During the ISA_Academy Profiling training, you will learn the basic theory and practice of Predictive Profiling. Based on practical situations, patterns and systems are discussed that may indicate the preparation of undesirable activities. You will also learn how to mitigate these in the planning phase. You will then be able to carry out a threat assessment, allowing you to recognise threats early on and take action against them. This proactive approach to the security process is essential for the efficient performance of security tasks. Course content:

  • Criminal planning cycle
  • Threat Assessment
  • Suspicious indicators
  • Security Questioning
  • Red Teaming
  • Applicability of Standard Operating Procedures

Event Security Officer Training

Event Security Officer (ESO) stands for event security officer. ESO is a professional form of security, which is deployed at pop concerts and other music festivals, football matches, sporting events, not to mention congresses, fairs and/or company parties. It is impossible to imagine events without security guards. An event security officer has to deal with all kinds of audiences and different circumstances. In short: an event security officer is all-round. They are active service providers for guests who visit the event and they are also the event's security officer.

The Event Security Officer training of the ISA_Academy is very suitable for people who are looking for a nice challenge next to their study or job and who can earn some extra money during the training. During your practical training you will receive salary in accordance with the CLA Event Security. The ISA_Academy provides the ESO training in cooperation with the Stichting Vakexamens voor de Particuliere Beveiligingsorganisaties (SVPB).

This cooperation confirms and guarantees the level of quality of the training provided by the ISA_Academy and also assures trainees of the optimal acquisition and development of knowledge, skills and abilities during the training. After completing the training, you can get a contract within ISA (on-call or hourly basis) to work on events.

Security training

International Security Agency likes to invite people to come to the ISA_Academy to follow their security training. We offer you the possibility to come and do an internship with us. The trainers and supervisors of the ISA_Academy have extensive experience in the field and are also experienced and specialised in providing specific education and training.. Based on interactive teaching where input from both the teacher and the student is important, the student is actively involved in the broadening and qualitative development of his or her knowledge, skills and abilities.

International Security Agency is a recognised training company at the cooperation organisation Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven and also has a physical training room. The ISA_Academy provides the following security training courses:

  • Event Security Officer (ESO)
  • Security officer-2
  • Security Guard Plus
  • Security Team Leader
  • Predictive Profiler
  • DHM Security Management