A safe working environment for your employees

Object Security

Creating a safe working environment for your employees and a unique visiting experience for your guests is what the International Security Agency (ISA) stands for with its object security.

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Safe working environment

In our view, a safe working environment is linked to the correct use of technical and physical security measures in combination with a broad-based security awareness of every employee. The emphasis here is on preventing unsafe situations from arising. Promoting the so-called "welcome feeling" creates a pleasant working and visitor climate, in which both your guests and your employees feel safe every day.

Based on your corporate culture, wishes and unique circumstances, ISA develops your customised security concept. In this way, we guarantee distinctive object security that suits your organisation's image.

Office security

An inspiring, safe and hospitable office environment requires integral solutions in which people, knowledge and technology reinforce each other in optimum synergy. Every day, offices have to deal with large numbers of visitors, employees and suppliers entering and leaving the office building. This makes it impossible to avoid taking security measures to prevent theft, fraud and vandalism in order to maintain a safe working environment.

Tailor-made office security
International Security Agency (ISA) takes care of your safety, security and hospitality with a total solution tailored to your needs. With expert advice, we tailor the security measures to your situation, budget and the security risks in your office building. This results in a cost-effective, preventive security solution, with the emphasis on proactive security. And where customer service and active and dynamic hospitality are strongly emphasised.

A selection from our portfolio:

  • Physical services: object security, building security, retail security, hospitality services, event security, mobile surveillance, alarm response, intervention team, company investigations, consultancy and education and training.
  • Technical solutions and services in the areas of alarm verification, camera surveillance, access control, TeleService, personal alarm, security technology and alarm service centre (PAC).

Construction Security

Construction sites with valuable machinery, tools and equipment are an attractive work area for thieves and vandals. The temporary work sites are often remote, relatively easy to access, poorly lit and obscure. As a result, building sites are particularly vulnerable to theft and vandalism at night, at weekends and during holidays. This results in major (financial) damage and delays to the construction schedule. These building sites therefore require specific temporary security solutions that ensure a safe building site 24/7.

Tailor-made building security
With our construction security services, we guarantee the continuity of your construction. International Security Agency (ISA) is your partner in securing your building site and preventing delays in the building process and/or damage. With expert advice, we tune the security measures to your budget and the construction risks in every phase of construction. We offer you a customised preventive safety solution in which people, knowledge and technology reinforce each other in optimum synergy. Through early detection of abnormal situations or abnormal behaviour and the correct follow-up of this, we prevent incidents and your primary business process is not disrupted.

Retail security

Retailers and shop staff are increasingly confronted with theft, aggression and robberies. This is done by habitual offenders, shoppers or colleagues. They do not always realise the damage they cause. Losses are high and employees feel increasingly unsafe. For retail chains without retail security, the loss often amounts to more than 3% of the total turnover.

The needs of independent retailers, department stores, shopping malls and high streets are different. International Security Agency (ISA) assures you of a targeted security solution that fits your situation, security profile and budget. For the security, safety and hospitality in your shop we have an extensive range of services. This not only makes your shop safe, but also gives a boost to the (shopping) experience of your visitors.

Some of our retail security services:

  • Specialised shop stewards and hostesses
  • Citizen-Surveillance
  • Collective shop surveillance
  • Intervention team
  • Security cameras with analysis software
  • Prevention coach
  • Research and consultancy

Public sector

The threat to institutions in the public sector (Government, Education, Care, Museums and other institutions) is broad and dynamic; visitors and employees are constantly walking in and out of (semi) public buildings. Theft, vandalism, intimidation and aggression are therefore common. In our view, a public sector institution should be a place where everyone feels welcome and safe. Patients, students, civil servants, visitors and employees must feel at ease and safety is a given.

A tailor-made total solution for the public sector
The International Security Agency (ISA) specialises in providing tailor-made total solutions in the public sector for municipalities, care institutions, libraries, museums and educational establishments, among others. The public sector requires a specialist approach to safety and security. With expert advice, we tailor the security measures to your situation, budget and the safety risks in your building. This results in a cost-effective preventive security solution, where the emphasis is on proactive security and customer service and active and dynamic hospitality.

Consultancy & Advice

Do you ask yourself enough questions about safety in your organisation? Does your organisation comply with legal requirements? Can you continue primary business processes after an incident? As an employer, you want to offer a safe and healthy working environment to employees and visitors. Knowledge of the risks and a well-founded insight into the consequences are therefore essential.

International Security Agency (ISA) is specialised in analysis and advice about risks to your safety and security. What developments are taking place in your organisation? What are your ambitions and objectives? Where do the risks lie? We first examine these questions in a professional risk analysis. Then we show you the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation in a well-founded report. Finally, you will receive sound advice on possible security measures.

You can contact our specialists for:

  • Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E)
  • (Interim) Safety & Security Management Consultancy
  • Emergency, First Aid and Evacuation Plan
  • Crisis management
  • Fire safety inspection
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Evaluation and audits
  • Security systems and technology