With ISA into the future

Our Vision

In everything it does, International Security Agency (ISA) strives to create a safe and welcoming environment for its clients, their employees and visitors and our own employees.

Our goal as a security organisation is therefore: Creating safer places.

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Creating safer places is at the heart of our strategy and reminds us and our employees every day to make an important contribution to the carefree living, working and socialising in the locations and projects where we operate.

Whereby our clients and their employees can fully focus on the core business and what is important to them.

Creating safer places is our organisation's challenge to become (even) better. Better as a service provider, better as an employer, better as a social player in a growing security market. From business, events, construction and care to government.

Creating safer places goes further than simply providing standard security solutions and services. ISA expands its services with creative and sustainable solutions to an integral security & safety concept tailored to your risk, threat and public profile and the needs, wishes and requirements of your organisation. In doing so, we step out of the traditionally used, but not very effective or relieving security solutions: "You ask, we turn".-ratio and, in a cyclical process, we strive to optimise the four K's in our service provision: low Kosts, high Kwality, maximum Kcountry experience and Klant satisfaction.

Creating safer places We realise this every day with approximately 500 security guards, hosts and supervisors, who all work for us in salaried employment. Each with their own story, unique talents, a shared vision and the same values. All of them are professional, involved and driven to provide the best service every day. They make the difference for our clients and we as an employer ensure that they can continue to make the difference.