A clean, sustainable and green business

Corporate Social Responsibility

International Security Agency (ISA) is a leader in its sector in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has fully integrated the three Ps (People, Planet, Profit) into its business operations.

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The basis of the quality and effectiveness of our services

This means that in addition to making a profit, we also take care of the well-being and wellbeing of our staff and take account of the environment and society. A good balance in this is essential. The pursuit of profit does not come at the expense of caring for our employees, the environment or society, and vice versa.

We are primarily a service organisation. Our processes are primarily designed to provide 'people-focused' services and solutions rather than a concrete product. The environmental impact of these processes (the P of Planet) is therefore relatively low. Nevertheless, our organisation wishes to control and, where possible, reduce the impact of its policy and business operations on the environment. We actively strive to be a clean, sustainable and green company.

In addition to the environment, corporate social responsibility also has a socially sustainable angle. In addition to the P of Planet, the P of People is at the forefront of our concerns. Our employees are at the basis of the quality and effectiveness of our services. An optimal bond with our employees is important to us. This strengthens our continuity and reduces staff turnover and absenteeism. This bond with our employees is expressed in our role as employer.

We are a service provider, where the P of Profit is about generating turnover and profit from the services we provide to our clients. Without losing sight of the P of People and Planet. We make a positive contribution to society through annual sponsorship of various foundations and donations to local sports clubs.

For example, to the Cliniclowns Foundation, to which we donated an amount of € 9,733.50 for the realisation of Circus Boemtata in 2019. In addition, we stimulate the local economy, for example by buying locally sustainable (where possible) and our hiring policy is aimed at people living within a radius of no more than 40 km from the work location.

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