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Object security officer

Working as an object security officer means that you must have a great sense of responsibility. As an object security officer, the safety of visitors and employees of various government bodies is in your hands. You carry out general security work, such as enforcing the house rules and implementing established procedures. You provide preventive supervision by making check, open, fire and closing rounds, notice any irregularities, i.e. deviating situations, and act accordingly. In the position of object security officer, you are always proactive and with a representative attitude, this makes you the client's business card.

In addition, you are a property security officer who, with a hospitable security focus, ensures a pleasant, "always welcome", atmosphere and creates the ultimate hospitality experience for the employees and visitors of the property.

Responsibilities as a property security officer

As an object security officer, you are responsible for a variety of security activities at a company site, office premises or other buildings where organisations carry out their activities. An object security officer ensures the general safety of everyone entering the premises and protects objects and organisations against theft, vandalism or fraud. By making regular surveillance rounds and spotting irregularities, all areas of the property are checked. During these rounds, attention is paid to everything that could harm the organisation and irregularities can be nipped in the bud. The tasks of an object security officer also include carrying out access control and receiving and registering visitors. In most cases, an object security officer is the business card of the object because he or she makes the first contact with a visitor or employee who enters the building by speaking to them in a friendly manner and, if necessary, referring them on.

Together with your colleagues, a property security officer contributes to the safety of visitors and employees, and ensures that visitors and employees of the property feel welcome and safe.

Where does a property security officer from ISA Security work?

At ISA Security, you can work at various unique locations, each with its own charms. For example, there are objects where hospitality and guiding visitors are the main tasks such as at Municipal objects. But at care institutions, where there are people with a distance to the labour market, or homeless objects, it is important for an object security officer to engage with a different approach.

There are also objects where aggression occurs, such as the homeless counter, here it is important to be able to put things into perspective and not take negative comments personally. De-escalating situations is right up an object security officer's street at ISA Security. You have strong communication skills, enabling you to calm people down verbally, and setting and clearly communicating boundaries is no problem for you.

High-risk object protection

Besides the unique locations that ISA Security secures, we also secure a special object - a high-risk object! Why is this a high-risk object? Because this building is where the cooperation of the police forces, of the European Union, takes place.

Working at a high-risk object is not for every object security officer, as there are high expectations! For example, different interview techniques are applied at the object in Dutch and English, and the object security officer must have experience in using X-Ray equipment.