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Security company Utrecht

Are you looking for a professional security company in Utrecht? At ISA we specialise in object securityevent security and enforcement & supervision.

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Professional security company in Utrecht

Are you looking for a reliable and professional security company in Utrecht? Then you have come to the right place. You can contact us for both a one-time cooperation and for security for an indefinite period. Our security company Utrecht is specialised in event security, object security, hospitality services and enforcement & supervision. We work with the latest technologies, respond to the constantly changing security landscape and comply with the latest quality standards.

Security goes beyond mere surveillance. It comprises a set of measures that are necessary to protect a specific target against harmful influences from inside and outside. By using the right security, you reduce the risks, make them manageable or eliminate them altogether.

Event security Utrecht

As organiser of a festival, concert, congress or (sports) event, the safety of both your visitors and employees is paramount. Security must be top-notch and comply with all legal requirements. Of course, it is also important that all visitors feel welcome and comfortable. Our security company in Utrecht ensures that security and hospitality go hand in hand. Our employees take effective and resolute action when an unsafe situation arises and are also trained in hospitality. We provide a customised security plan, so you know that everything is well organised. This way, you can focus on your important activities with peace of mind.

Object security Utrecht

Object security is an important service we offer. Shops, government buildings, offices and care institutions have to deal with a large flow of people every day. To protect your organisation against risks from inside and outside, you want to be able to rely on professional permanent surveillance of your object or premises. Our trained object guards are at your service 24 hours a day, so you know that the safety of your company is guaranteed. If an unsafe situation arises, the object guards know what to do.

Hospitality Services Utrecht

The security guards you hire play a role in the first presentation of your company. Our security guards receive your employees, visitors and suppliers in a hospitable manner. They are not only specialized in general security tasks, but can also be deployed as doorman and receptionist. Because the well-trained object security officers are all-round deployable and can quickly switch between various tasks, they are a real asset to your company. We would be pleased to discuss with you the various possibilities for a customised training of object security officers, so that the security service is perfectly in line with your personal needs.

Enforcement & Supervision Utrecht

The police are concentrating more and more on their core tasks, which means that their visibility on the street is being jeopardised. It happens more and more often that a municipality hires enforcers and supervisors from a private security organisation to counteract nuisance and annoyance on the streets. To improve the quality of life and safety in a neighbourhood, district or municipality, you can hire our security company in Utrecht. This way we tackle nuisance in the public space in a visible and pro-active way.

Do you still have questions or do you want to get to know our security company Utrecht? Then please feel free to contact or ask for a offer We will be pleased to help you.