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Event security officer

No day is the same for an event security officer, and certainly not at ISA Security. With us you will work at large-scale festivals and concerts of famous artists such as Celine Dion, Maluma and Snoop Dogg (these are planned for 2021/2022). But also sporting events such as the TT Assen and other legendary races on the Zandvoort circuit and of course small-scale (company) parties by Tommy Hilfiger, where you too will receive a nice goodie bag.

Today, you stand backstage, guiding DJs / artists, frontstage, protecting them from over-enthusiastic fans who try to enter the stage, or you walk through the crowd during your shift, ensuring order, so that visitors can move safely across the grounds (Crowd Control). Your duties as an event security officer may vary from event to event, but one thing is always certain: ensuring the safety of all visitors and staff at an event. You don't do this alone, but with an experienced team of great event security officers.

Responsibility as an event security officer

Whenever many people come together, various safety risks arise. For this reason, security at both small and large events is very important.

As an event security officer you are responsible for various activities at festivals, sporting events or other public events and sometimes even private events. These include access control and visitation, crowd control, escorting/protecting well-known persons, providing assistance (first aid) and of course guaranteeing general safety during these events. An event security officer has the right skills to keep order and peace at an event.

A good event security officer is contact oriented and knows how to maintain good communication skills. In addition, a good event security officer is representative, has integrity and is a strong team player, making the cooperation between fellow security officers and any emergency services run smoothly.

Where will you be working as an event security officer at ISA Security?

Events can vary enormously in size. You might be working at a sports event in a full stadium, at a local event that attracts fewer visitors or as an event security officer at public events such as elections. At other times, you might be working at one of the coolest festivals in the country as the first point of contact for visitors (and having a bit of fun, of course!).

 As an event security officer, you have a lot of variety and no two days are the same.