Job satisfaction, vitality and well-being

Core values

ISA applies the core values in its business operations: HERO. It stands for Human First, Encouraging Talent, Redefining responsibility & Operational excellence.

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Human First: Our employees are our heroes (HEROS); our capital. We are convinced that happy and motivated employees, who have a bond with your and our organisation and the work they do, make the difference in our services and are permanently employable. Working happiness, vitality and well-being of our employees are always our top priority.

Encouraging Talent: We stand for developing the talents and expertise of our employees in a cyclical process, in order to develop them into (even) better professionals. We achieve this through the annual implementation of a personal development plan and permanent education programme through our ISA_Academy for each individual employee.

Redefining Responsibility: ISA is a leader in the security sector in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship, whereby we have fully integrated the three Ps (People, Planet, Profit) and the concepts of sustainability, diversity and inclusiveness into our business operations. This means that in addition to making a profit, we also care about the welfare of our staff and take the environment and society into account. In this respect, ISA successfully pursues an active policy with regard to Social Return On Invest (SROI). The starting point for this is our conviction that every individual is entitled to decent and safe work, in which we think in terms of opportunities and not obstacles.

Operational Excellence: Our basic assumption is that the quality of our services is largely determined by our employees. We attach great importance to maintaining our quality and continuously improving and adapting it in a cyclical process to the needs, wishes and requirements of the client. This in order to Operational Excellence in our services, with a customised security solution.