Public order and safety

Enforcement & Supervision

Improving the quality of life and safety in a neighbourhood, district, borough or municipality. That is what the International Security Agency (ISA) stands for with its Enforcement & Surveillance services. We do this through a visible, proactive and joint approach to nuisance in the public space.

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Enforcers & Supervisors

Within municipalities, an orderly society and the safety of the inhabitants are central. Now that the police are concentrating more and more on their core tasks, their visibility on the street is threatened. Increasingly, municipalities are hiring enforcers and supervisors from a private security organisation to combat nuisance and annoyance on the streets.

Together with municipalities and the police, International Security Agency (ISA) maps out the problems within a neighbourhood, district, borough or municipality. On the basis of this, we offer you a suitable total solution in the field of enforcement & supervision. Our special investigating officers (BOAs) and supervisors play a signalling and corrective role and work preventively and proactively. In this way, they make an active contribution to the safety and quality of life in your municipality.

Neighbourhood Safety Team

When people encounter situations of nuisance, it can seriously disrupt their daily lives: residents sometimes no longer feel at home in their own neighbourhood. That is why the Neighbourhood Safety Team (BVT) focuses on themes that residents would like to tackle in their neighbourhood.

What does a BVT look like?
A BVT consists of at least one police officer assigned to the Neighbourhood Safety Team and two professional supervisors from the International Security Agency (ISA). Sometimes the BVT is supplemented by special investigating officers (BOAs) and other professionals in the neighbourhood.

What does a BVT do?
The BVT works in a neighbourhood-oriented way and is structurally linked for a longer period of time to the approach of nuisance in the neighbourhood, in order to improve liveability and safety in a neighbourhood. This is done through a visible, joint approach to nuisances based on these three pillars:

  • Further develop an effective organisation of the approach to nuisance. This involves both front-line management and integral cooperation between partners, local residents and local entrepreneurs, each within their own possibilities and responsibilities;
  • Focus on nuisance issues identified by local residents and local entrepreneurs;
  • Active reciprocity. For example, communication with local residents means: getting information and bringing it.


Special investigating officers (BOAs)

As a municipality you operate in a rapidly changing environment. One that demands a responsible government that listens, acts and delivers. You want to respond quickly, flexibly and adequately to the daily demands of the city and its neighbourhoods. So it's great if you can leave the supervision and enforcement of public spaces to a professional partner. Especially during peak moments.

International Security Agency (ISA) is that partner. We offer a total solution with expert and experienced special investigating officers (BOAs). Our BOAs can be deployed all over the world and have a first aid diploma and an RTGB certificate (Regeling Toetsing Geweldsbeheersing Buitengewoon opsporingsambtenaar). In addition, ISA has developed a permanent re-training and refresher course to ensure that our BOAs retain their BOA qualifications.

What do our BOAs do?
With an area-oriented approach, our BOAs enforce, among other things:

- parking policy
- the Mulder Act (Traffic Regulations (Administrative Enforcement) Act)
- the General Administrative Law Act
- The General Local Regulation (APV)
- the compliance with the Drank- en Horecawet in your municipality.
In addition, they supervise in the public space, the physical environment and the social domain.


There is a large entertainment area (hotspot) in your municipality. These are often the busiest bars and restaurants, or the access routes to and from the hotspot. Do you want to supervise order and safety in such areas? Then a Sus-team is a solution.

The Sus team addresses those who cause a nuisance or exceed the norm and makes them aware of the rules of behaviour. By providing early intervention and correcting behaviour, they create a safe environment and improve the perception of safety in the public space.

What does a Sus-team do exactly?
The Sus teams of the International Security Agency (ISA) reduce nuisance for visitors and residents, focus on de-escalation and fulfil the role of host in the nightlife area. Visitors of nightlife venues can ask questions to the Sus-team. For example, if they want information on specific parties, nightlife venues, taxi ranks and other public facilities. The Sus-team also takes care of a safe and liveable nightlife environment. For example by supporting the police and doormen in their work. Furthermore, the Sus-team pays attention to vulnerable nightlife audiences who are severely under the influence of alcohol or other substances and are therefore easy targets for theft and/or intimidation.


As a municipality or transport institution, you take your responsibility in dealing with nuisance, petty crime and want to increase safety and liveability. Supervisors help with this.

What does a Supervisor do?
A good supervisor checks whether laws and regulations are being violated. He or she also estimates the risks, assesses whether intervention is required, has an eye for the environment, exudes authority and enters into dialogue with persons who display deviant behaviour or cause a nuisance. With their preventive and proactive presence and alertness, Supervisors prevent the public order from being disturbed.

The ISA supervisors: preventive and de-escalating
The International Security Agency (ISA) supervisors have extensive experience in building up a bond with the target group, residents, entrepreneurs, police and other cooperating authorities in an area. Our supervisors have seniority, natural authority, empathy and speak the language of the target group without losing authority. They discourage troublemakers and address them proactively.

Our supervisors are multifunctional as:
  • Biketeam
  • Bus Stewards
  • Neighbourhood Safety Team (BVT)
  • Camera supervisors
  • Bicycle or scooter coach
  • Bicycle cutters
  • Hospitality Steward/Host
  • Sus-team
  • Street coach
  • Neighbourhood Watch

Prevention advisers

As a municipality, you take measures together with the police to reduce the number of house burglaries in your municipality. Sometimes temporary interventions are necessary in neighbourhoods with high burglary rates (hotspots).

The International Security Agency (ISA) has developed a Stop Housebreaking Team for this purpose. These teams consist of trained prevention advisers. They provide targeted advice and information to citizens in the neighbourhoods where the problems are concentrated. The result? Neighbours are more aware of the risks and more inclined to take (more) preventive measures.

Police Fire Safety Mark (PKVW)
During the visit, our prevention advisors will give free advice on the Police Quality Mark Safe Living (PKVW). The 'Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen' is a method for improving safety in and around the home. Homes that are secured according to the regulations of the Police Mark for Safe Living (PKVW) have up to 90% less chance of being burgled.