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Creating a safe working environment for your employees and a unique visitor’s experience for your guests, this is where International Security Agency (ISA) stands for with its Object Security.

In our vision, a safe environment is the right use of technical and physical security measures in combination with Crowd Management & Crowd Control. Herewith, the emphasis lies on preventing unsafe situations. By promoting the so-called “welcome feeling”, a pleasant working and visitor’s climate is created, in which both your guests and employees feel – and are – safe. Before, during and after the event.

Based on your event- and visitor’s profile, ISA develops a tailor-made security concept. Through this, we guarantee you a distinctive event security, which meets everything that you as an organizer wish to reflect with your sport event, festival, concert, television program or conference.

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The safety of an audience has to be central to you as event organizer. The audience safety at events, largely depends on Crowd Management. Crowd Management concerns the safely and orderly gathering and relocating of audience flows. With this, we prevent a too high audience density (concentration of visitors) and we promote the flow. The audience density and flow are influenced by various factors. E.g. by the lay-out and set-up of the event location, the visitor capacity, the present facilities, the communication, the visitor profile and psychologic factors.

At Internationaly Security Agency (ISA) we have years of experience in drafting Crowd Management plans for your event. In this, we namely focus on the prevention of overcrowding (a too high audience density) and crossflow (the simultaneous movement of two big streams of people in opposite directions). Overcrowding and crossflow are frequently the cause of fatal accidents at large gatherings of people; think of the tragic images of the Love Parade in Duisberg.

We know how people masses move around and where possible risks are. That is why we ensure that your guests are actively escorted. At arrival, during and after your event. By a thoughtful planning and the use of expert event security officers and project managers, audience flows reaming optimally controllable. The result? Your guests can always gather and move around safely at your event.

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As event organizer or event location, you want to give your visitors an unforgettable day, during which they have felt at home, welcome and safe. With the Event Services of International Security Agency (ISA), you ensure that your visitor will be welcomed professionally and with a warm smile.

Whether it concerns a fair, a congress or a somewhat more informal event, for every event we have representative and hospitable hostess, certified fire watches, specialized First Aid workers, service staff and drivers for the transportation of your visitors. They represent your organization in the way you want your organization to be represented.

With our Event Services we are capable of providing you with the following services:

  • Traffic-, parking- and audience guidance
  • Ticket control
  • First Aid
  • Fire watch
  • Service staff for wardrobe or bar
  • Hostess services
  • VIP escorting
  • Personal security
  • Driver services

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A successful event starts and ends with a smooth traffic flow for your visitor. The key to a smooth traffic flow lies in the prevention of a too high traffic demand and/or the streamlining of inbound and outbound routes. And then specifically those that are in the direct surroundings of your event. International Security Agency (ISA) achieves this by preventing traffic flows in crossing directions, separating traffic flows and letting event traffic flow through better with the help of certified traffic controllers.

The traffic controllers of ISA are well-educated and certified professionals. They understand the movement and behavior of road users and event visitors. Through their expertise, they are capable of acting decisively, hospitable and adequately, in order to guarantee you with the safety and flow in traffic. Whether it concerns a big or a small project: ISA offers you a tailor-made solution for a safe traffic flow. If desired, we develop a traffic and transport plan for you and we align this with all necessary parties. In that plan, we discuss the measures in the area of traffic guidance, parking, signage and safety.

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Are you organizing an event which a lot of visitors attend by car? Then it is recommended to make use of parking guidance. Through this, you prevent chaos, long waiting lines, inefficient use of your parking lot and a bad first impression of your event.

The parking attendants of International Security Agency (ISA) take care of a hospitable welcome of your visitor. By letting visitors park in different locations at the same time, they provide smooth access routes and efficient parking guidance. In this way, your visitors can park their car fast and safely and the available parking area is used optimally.

Prior to the event, we clearly plot the parking area. We take care of clear signage, a comprehensive parking plan and the right amount of parking controllers, both during the inflow and outflow. During the event, our parking controllers supervise the parking lots. Herewith you reduce the risk of car burglaries.

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Do you sufficiently question yourself about the safety at your event? As event organizer it is your task to do whatever to provide your employees and visitors with a safe and healthy event situation. In order to be able to work towards a safe and healthy situation, knowledge of the risks and substantiated insight in the consequences thereof are essential for your event.

International Security Agency (ISA) is specialized in analysis and advising of risks in the area of safety, security, traffic and Crowd Management. Our specialists start with an extensive analysis of your situation. They fully map out all risks and incident scenarios for your event beforehand. Based on their experience and knowledge, they draft plans that are aligned with your event. In these plans we describe each risk, we work out each scenario and we record all required control measures. The specialists of ISA gladly advise you in the area of:

  • Security and Crowd Management Plans
  • Safety Plans
  • Incident Control Plans
  • Evacuation and Calamity Plans
  • Help with permits and licensing
  • Risk analysis of audience safety
  • Capacity analysis for events
  • Set-up and audience flows
  • Evacuation and accessibility
  • Execution of Crowd Management

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