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Looking for a professional security company in Amsterdam? At ISA we specialise in object securityevent securityg and enforcement & supervision.

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Security is in good hands with the security company in Amsterdam

Are you looking for security? Then International Security Agency is the right partner for you. We provide experienced professionals who have undergone the appropriate training and know what they are required to do. We specialise in various types of security, including object security, event security, hospitality services and enforcement & supervision. The safety of you, your company, your staff and your customers is in good hands with us.

Object security Amsterdam

By using object security, your premises are protected against theft, destruction and vandalism, both inside and outside office hours. Even if you have an alarm system, it is wise to use object security through a security company from Amsterdam. Outside office hours our security guards come to your premises as soon as the alarm goes off. During office hours, our security guards work as doormen or receptionists and they make inspection rounds so that any problems can be quickly identified and resolved. This way, your employees and visitors feel even safer.

Event security Amsterdam

When organising an event, safety comes first. An event is often associated with specific requirements and wishes. International Security Agency has experience with both large and small-scale events. We manage trade fairs, conferences, sporting events, festivals and concerts. Our qualified security staff ensure safety and make your visitors feel welcome. They are the business card of your organisation. On the basis of an introductory interview and a risk analysis, we determine the deployment required to ensure the safety of your event.

Hospitality Services Amsterdam

For us, hospitality and safety go hand in hand. We do not only look at rules and procedures to ensure the safety of your visitors and staff. In addition to their security duties, our people also carry out other tasks, such as welcoming visitors, answering the telephone or guiding guests around the building. Our employees adopt a hospitable attitude and do not blindly trust technical security measures. The human touch is important here. Our people look around and are aware of their surroundings. As a result, they are able to pick up on many signals. By deploying the security staff of International Security Agency, you will not need to seal off your business hermetically in order to be optimally protected.

Enforcement & Supervision Amsterdam

International Security Agency is also the right place to hire supervisors and enforcement officers. Our staff have completed various training courses, are BOAs and also have a first aid diploma. As a result, our staff can be deployed across a wide range of tasks. Do you need a flexible layer of employees in addition to your permanent staff, who can be deployed at various locations? Our supervisors and enforcement officers can be deployed immediately and we have a lot of experience in working with municipalities. We also regularly work closely with the police and youth work. Our field of work varies from deployment in nightlife areas to problem areas in the city, and we can also be deployed in other areas.

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